Service Provider Orientation

Service Provider Orientation is a 10-part course designed to help Service Providers understand the key elements of working with regional snow companies including contracts, insurance, and event management.

Modules in this course:

  1. Win-Win-Win (12:44)
  2. Expectations of Service Providers (13:30)
  3. Understanding Contracts (9:10)
  4. Understanding Insurance Requirements (10:08)
  5. Handling Incidents (11:53)
  6. Estimating and Production (9:13)
  7. The Snow Organization (15:05)
  8. Pre-Storm Preparations (10:17)
  9. Event Management (9:34)
  10. Post Storm Wrap Up (4:42)

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76-90 codes: $22.00

91+ codes: $17.00

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