Giving Back


There is a critical need for the professional landscape and snow management industry to cultivate a more attractive value proposition for attracting and retaining talent in our industry. We see this as an opportunity to rise up in a collective manner to promote the many benefits of careers in the industry.

At the industry level, there is much work to be done in this area, and our desire is to be a significant supporter of initiatives promoting careers in our industry. By subscribing to GrowTheBench, you will be providing much-needed funding for industry initiatives like the NALP Foundation's Industry Growth Initiative (IGI). Similar career development initiatives will receive funding as well. Your subscription and participation  in GrowTheBench will come back to benefit you through these initiatives.

At the company level, GrowTheBench provides what every company in the industry needs:  a solution for cost-effective, relevant, quality education and professional development. We know that people are much more likely to remain engaged, satisfied, and productive when:

  • They are invested in
  • They are learning, growing, and developing
  • They see a future

GrowTheBench is the solution.