Our industry is facing a critical labor shortage and this situation is only going to get worse as our population ages and workforce participation continues to decline. Companies seeking to attract and retain talent in such a tight labor market must invest in their people in order to keep them engaged, satisfied, and productive. The question is how and where to make such investments. GrowTheBench was created to provide a practical solution by offering affordable online education, professional development, and peer networking, focused on the professional landscape and snow management industry in United States and Canada. 

GrowTheBench was created for the entire industry, including service providers, contractors, suppliers, educators, consultants, and anyone else involved in our industry. Think of GrowTheBench as the Amazon of online education for the landscape/snow industry. 

If you are interested in contributing content to GrowTheBench or have a recommendation to pass along, please contact us at FacultySuggestions@GrowTheBench.com. In addition, we are lining up “fireside chats” with business owners and other industry leaders to gain their perspective in several important areas. We welcome ideas or recommendations for these as well.