Frequently Asked Questions

We know you'll have a lot of questions about the professional development of your organization because it is the most important investment you can make. We have tried to answer the most frequently asked questions here, but if you still need help, please email and we'll help you out.

"The Bench" is a sports analogy referring to future leaders. The bench is where the junior players on the team sit during the game. It also refers to the minor leagues in professional sports. As the senior players graduate, retire, or are injured, the bench players will need to become starting players on the team. Will they be ready? GrowTheBench is dedicated to preparing future leaders for the challenges facing them when their number is called.

GrowTheBench is focused on high-quality education for all levels. While there is a greater need to develop the next generation of leaders, we strongly believe that anyone with a passion for learning, growth, and development will benefit from Grow The Bench. This includes both current and future leaders, junior and senior managers, and even owners. The commitment to learning is a lifelong endeavor; it never ends.

Each course is unique. Some courses have 5 classes while others have 20. This is why courses are not all the same price, although you can subscribe to an all-access monthly subscription. Click on each course to learn more about the classes contained in the course, learning objectives, and more.

Yes. GrowTheBench includes an administrative portal for each company. This provides each company with complete transparency for each student enrolled from the company. This functionality is limited exclusively to those individuals from your company.

Our All-Access Pass is only $97 per month for up to 10 users. All of our courses are included in the All-Access Pass. 

GrowTheBench will add a minimum of one course per month. We welcome user input on what courses are added by emailing suggestions to

GrowTheBench works with any web browser on computers, tablets, and smartphones. All that is required is a quality internet or data (4G) connection. Course progress is synchronized no matter where you access and complete modules.

If you are an industry professional who has ideas worth sharing, we would be happy to consider you as a faculty member. You can start by emailing

All sales are final per our terms and conditions. Subscribers may cancel at any time for the upcoming month to prevent future charges by emailing

Not at all! Our friends at Greenius have you covered for all safety and equipment skills training while GrowTheBench specializes in courses including leadership, management, onboarding, finances, business risk, and other essential skills for management to run a successful business. We encourage you to enroll your key managers in GrowTheBench and your front-line employees with Greenius.