Effective Time Management

Time is the great equalizer; we all have the exact same amount of time at our disposal. It is a precious resource that is often squandered by poor time management. Whether you are an up-and-coming professional or a seasoned veteran, you will benefit from this course. Discover one of the best time management systems available today, along with insights and best practices for managing your time. 

Modules in this course:

  1. Managing Your Time (17:13)
  2. Organizing Your World (12:59)
  3. Managing Your Inboxes (13:17)
  4. Avoiding Burnout (18:45)
  5. Clarifying Your Goals (14:36)
  6. Clarifying your Roles (17:13)
  7. Clarifying Your Tasks (15:24)
  8. Effective Delegation (21:52)
  9. Managing Projects (16:29)

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