Value Based Selling

In this course, GrowTheBench managing partner Neal Glatt will share the techniques used to sell on value instead of selling on price.  If you find yourself losing jobs to lower bidders, consistently being asked for discounts or price reductions, or simply unable to raise your prices and make more profit, this course can't be missed!  It is possibly to routinely sell at 20%-30% more than the competition and win, but only with a specific mindset, strategy, and practice.  This course is essential learning for anyone who sells.

Modules in this course:

  1. Value Based Selling (10:27)
  2. Self-Liming Beliefs (10:34)
  3. Value-Based Negotiating (12:42)
  4. Keys to Selling Value (8:12)

Also included is the Sales 101 series modules:

  1. Have a Sales Process (9:03)
  2. Qualify to Win (15:46)
  3. A Scorecard That Works (8:42)
  4. The Sales Mentality (12:19)
  5. Prospecting 101 (11:35)

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