Off Season Snow Planning

How a snow company performs in the winter is primarily a function of how well they prepare in the off season.  In this course, GrowTheBench Managing Partner Phil Harwood provides a template for snow business planning to be completed.  From the moment that snow stops falling, snow contractors should begin following these steps to properly review their processes across all areas of the business to prepare for a more successful winter.  This course is essential knowledge for any snow contractor.

Modules in this course:

  1. The Big Picture (5:12)
  2. Spring Action Items (11:00)
  3. Summer Action Items (8:30)
  4. Fall Action Items (8:01)
  5. Process Review – Sales (15:11)
  6. Process Review – Finance (10:44)
  7. Process Review – Operations (12:37)
  8. Process Review – Equipment (6:53)
  9. Process Review – Technology (9:29)

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