Financial Management

Financial literacy and planning are essential skills for senior managers and business owners.  If you hold, or desire to move into, a significant position with your company, this course can't be missed.  GrowTheBench Managing Partner Phil Harwood shares his expertise of the most critical financial management keys in a simple and comprehensive collection of modules.  Apply the principles shared in this course to increase profitability, eliminate waste, and use the financial data you already have to take your business to new heights.

Modules included in this Course:

  1.  Monthly Analysis (14:08)
  2. Benchmarking (11:31)
  3. Annual Planning (14:30)
  4. Rolling Budget (9:42)
  5. Managing Cash (10:12)
  6. Financial Statements (11:33)
  7. Overhead Recovery (13:04)
  8. Managing Assets (10:42)
  9. Managing Inventory (8:23)
  10. The Controller Position (8:07)
  11. Managing Compensation (9:07)
  12. Bonuses and Incentives (13:10)

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