Crew Leader Onboarding

In this FREE course, GrowTheBench managing partner Phil Harwood will share the foundations of onboarding crew leaders to help you improve job success and retention.  Whether you are a manager of crew leaders, a current crew leader, or a newly promoted crew leader, this course should be considered essential education.  Crew leaders are the core of any business and have a major impact on its success or failure.  This content can serve as the foundation of your onboarding for crew leaders or help improve your current plan.  NO CREDIT CARD REQUIRED!  Simply add to cart, create an account, and start learning!

Modules in this course:

  1. Straight Talk for Managers of Crew Leaders (13:59)
  2. Straight Talk for Newly Hired Crew Leaders (11:03)
  3. Straight Talk for Newly Promoted Crew Leaders (11:25)
  4. Understanding the Crew Leader Roles (8:47)
  5. Establishing Goals for Crew Leaders (12:58)
  6. Instilling a Culture of Accountability and Success (7:38)

Course Overview: