Advanced Sales Techniques

In this course, GrowTheBench managing partner Neal Glatt will share the advanced sales techniques that allowed him to grow Case Snow Management from a local company with a single pick-up truck to a $42+ million snow business in less than seven years.  If you want to get past gatekeepers, gather better information, overcome objections, and close more sales, this course is for you!

Modules in this course:

  1. Lead Generation (15:06)
  2. Getting to Decision-Makers (8:34)
  3. Building Rapport (7:22)
  4. Overcoming Objections (15:35)

Also included is the Sales 101 series modules:

  1. Have a Sales Process (9:03)
  2. Qualify to Win (15:46)
  3. A Scorecard That Works (8:42)
  4. The Sales Mentality (12:19)
  5. Prospecting 101 (11:35)

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